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 CBAP is Certified Business Analysis Professional designation. They have a registered trademark from International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). For having the certification of CBAP an individual must have a minimum of 7500 hours of Business Analysis Experience. We provide such certification courses and training with our professionals. A Business Analyst is considered to have experience in identifying the need of the business in order to find Business solution for the organization.Certified Business Analyst Professional helps  to improve the knowledge and skill of our student so that he can perform business analyst works. This course has a very high passing rate. The individuals trained in our training course will have the expertise in handling any size of projects having complexities.

Eligibility criteria of a CBAP

For becoming an efficient CBAP the individual has to meet certain eligibility criteria. The individual must have a minimum of 7500 hours of Business Analyst work-ex. He has to have a minimum 900 hours’ experience of any four knowledge areas out of six. The six knowledge areas are Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, Enterprise Analysis, Solution Assessment, Requirement Analysis, Requirement Management and Elicitation. The candidate must have a minimum of 35 hours of Professional Development in his/ her last four years. Individual must get at least two references from a career manager or a CBAP recipient. Certificate would be awarded only after all the practice test, case studies and mocks.

Get certified with our Business Management Course

An individual interested in becoming an efficient business manager should definitely enroll with us for the Business Management course. We have the best faculty eagerly waiting for you to provide the required knowledge and skills. There are a wide range of specialization courses offered to you. There are many business degree including Business Law Degree, Advertising Degree, Agribusiness Degree, Human Resource Degree, Business Administration Degree and Operations Management courses. For becoming a good Business Manager professional one is required to do our Core Business Courses. The programs under the Core Business courses provided by us are Financial Accounting, economics, Organizational behavior, marketing, human resource and more. After the completion of the management course from us, we provide a proper certification which would prove that the individual is professionally trained and is prepared for holding the managerial position in small and large organizations.

What does the management course provide?

Our management course creates a comprehensive basis for your career in businesses. It develops you in such a way that you will become flexible enough to let you develop and strengthen the areas which you are interested in. Our Business Management Course helps you develop Core Business Management skills. Our courses are very useful and are affordable to any individual. The graduates would have the benefit to progress their career in their preferred area of interest. Based on the specialization they can become a Public Relations Officer, Human resource officer, Management consultant, Advertising Manager, Marketing service Manager, Market research Analyst, Product Manager, Sales Manager and many more.

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