Understanding Google’s Magical PR System

Page Rank, or PR as Google likes to call it, is one of the most magical systems to be found anywhere online. It’s an algorithm that Google uses to determine which websites are most useful for a given search term. Let’s say someone types in “SEO services.” Google is going to pull up millions of records that will appear most formidably on the first few pages. Beyond the first page or two of Google and your site might as well be on the moon to the Internet. The importance of first-page results are well documented among experts.

The big question on everyone’s mind is: How does Google rank websites? The algorithm changes on a constant basis, so there’s no magic formula to land on these pages IF you’re not an SEO expert. Because SEO experts study Google on a routine basis, they are aware of the frequently changing factors that contribute to first page results in Google. Google’s results were analyzed to determine what exactly contributes to a website reaching the first page of a Google search result for a given keyword.

The 1 million search results were analyzed to see exactly what Google saw as important. Surprisingly, backlinks were among the most important factors for a high Google rating. When Google sees a lot of websites linking back to your website, it believes that your site is of great value to a large number of people. Backlinks were just the beginning, though.

Other factors included topics that were covered in an extreme amount of depth. In other words, if you were searching for something like “potato chips” then a site that covered potato chips and all their many facets instead of just lightly touching on the word were considered more valuable to Google and therefore ranked much more highly. Secure sites also scored much better than sites that don’t have the valuable “HTTPS” URL. Google itself has admitted that they value secure sites more than sites that aren’t secure. Why? It’s simple. Google is interested not just in sending their visitors to any old website but to a site that values the privacy and security of their visitors.

This is but a brief overview of the way that Google assigns Page Rank to their many indexed websites. Suffice it to say that learning these things is of great importance if you want to rank high in Google’s index. As the leader in online search algorithms, Google has struck upon a magic formula for their visitors. The way that they rank sites is what makes Google what it is today. If you own a website, you must learn to play to Google’s liking. If you don’t, you’re going to lose millions and millions of potential visitors to other websites that respect Google’s prominence.

If you’re lagging behind buried deep within Google’s gigantic search results, it’s time to take action. Google is one of the most highly studied of all search engines and you’re certain to gain visitors if you design a site that is Google friendly.


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