Instagrams Influencer Marketing Update

Instagram continues to add features to keep their users from going elsewhere. Instagram 100% get that the longer the consumer stays on their app, the more valuable their platform is. When Instagram decided to copy Snapchat and add story modes, they were essentially telling the market to stop trying. It was a signal that they have the power and attention arbitrage so whatever “new” unique feature or platform that came about, they could immediately crush. That’s the world we live in, you either continue to evolve and create better features for your users, or someone else will come along and fill that void.

While Instagrams most recent update isn’t as ground breaking as story mode, there are some interesting features that are worth checking out. As a huge advocate of influencer marketing, the new features will allow for more transparency on the site:

New Features

If you are at all familiar with advertising, you have probably heard the term “reach.” It’s a fairly simple concept, how many people did the post/content reach, how many people saw it. When Instagram rolled out the story mode, this was the only metric that Instagram gave us to judge how our posts/ads were doing. With this update Instagram will offer more advanced features that include:

Video Views
Traffic/website clicks
mobile app installs

These are important because it will allow brands to start valuing influencers with similar metrics they use for their own website and other mediums. Previously brands had to rely on the content being good enough and guess which conversions were coming from Instagram. Now, these ads will offer valuable feedback which will make these ads more valuable to businesses and marketers.

Location Mode Stories

Instagram also recently released a fantastic feature where users can add stickers and locations onto their stories. For a business, this means that consumers can now tag your business/location when they are sharing with their friends. The location is clickable so it will increase a businesses organic reach and allow others to view their location on the app. Thus, driving more traffic, awareness, attention and potentially visitors.

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