Sticking To White Hat SEO Techniques

In the Internet’s infancy, there were a wealth of ways to get instant visibility for any content on a website. Search engine algorithms weren’t very sophisticated and early site builders took advantage of this fact to get quick, easy recognition for their content and, often, their overabundance of ads. As search engines grew more sophisticated, these techniques became frowned upon and labeled as “black hat SEO.” Nowadays, you’re going to do your site and content a horrible disservice if you resort to black hat SEO. It can even result in your website being banned from search engine results.

Enter the modern white knight: White hat SEO! SEO standards have changed mightily since the first decade of Internet websites. If you want to get ahead in the current environment, you must adhere to those standards. White hat SEO goes by many names, but it can be loosely defined as SEO that adheres to the modern standards set forth by each major search engine. If you want to increase visibility, you have to enact an SEO strategy that follows the rules.

Search engines frequently publish their search engine optimization rules, but you’re not going to ever be able to keep up with all of these different rules. If you’re performing DIY SEO, you’re likely going to hit a brick wall at some point and break a rule that you don’t even know about. Certain tactics begin to look “spammy” to search engines, and they punish websites that engage in those tactics. Only a solid SEO firm is going to know exactly what all of the rules are at any given time.

On-page factors that affect SEO are important. Following a best practices check sheet is going to make it easier to have your content pages rank higher in search engine results. A good SEO company will give you the guidelines to follow during content creation or will even tweak content in order to make sure you’re following the correct search engine guidelines for content. These rules change so abruptly that “doing it yourself” isn’t going to work for content pages. You usually need a set of guidelines to follow, fed to you from a great SEO firm.

While there will always be websites that don’t use white hat SEO, search engines have forcefully began a crackdown on black hat SEO websites. Some search engines even warn visitors that certain websites could harm a computer. This is a strong statement from major search engines that they won’t tolerate any shortcuts to success. If you want high rankings and a lot of visitors to your website, you’ve got to follow the standards that each search engine sets. Due to the varying rules in every different major search engine, you definitely need to hire an SEO firm to make sure that you always get your content right. Guidelines will help you stick to the rules and rank high in search engines, without worrying about a penalty for engaging in the now dreaded black hat SEO techniques of the past.

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