Three Reasons to Accept Online Donations for Your Church

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When you think about people donating to your church, you might think about them doing so by putting money in the offering plate. Nowadays, however, many churches are offering the option for people to donate online. These are a few reasons why this might be something that your church will want to consider.

1. Allow People to Donate Privately

Some people do not mind putting their donation in the offering plate on Sunday morning at church, and others would prefer to hand an envelope to someone in the church. For many people, donating is something that should be done in private. For those who would prefer to be able to donate money to the church without other people knowing about it and seeing how much they are donating, being able to donate online from the comfort and privacy of their own homes can be a much better option.

2. Focus on Convenience

For some people, being able to donate online is a lot more convenient than actually donating at church. For example, some people would rather pay their donations with their debit or credit card for bookkeeping reasons. Some people don’t carry a lot of cash, so it can be a hassle for them to have to go to an ATM in the morning before church, when they might be in a hurry to get to church on time in the first place. For these individuals, not having to worry about the hassle of withdrawing cash and keeping track of how much they have donated to the church can be a positive thing. Luckily, online donating makes this a whole lot easier.

3. Allow People to Donate Without Being in Church

Of course, your church probably wants to encourage both members and non-members alike to come to church as much as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible for some people. For example, a member of your church might be dealing with an illness or injury and might not be able to physically go to church. This person may still want to donate, however, and online donating makes this possible.

With online donating, you can also accept donations from individuals who might attend other churches — such as those who are already a member of another church in your area or those who live in another state — and may not be able to attend but might be interested in donating to your church anyway. With online donating, anyone can donate without actually having to physically visit the church; instead, they can just visit the website.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you may want to consider accepting online donations for your church. There are luckily various platforms that you can use for this purpose. If you shop around and check out some of these platforms, you can find one that will be a good fit for your church. Then, you might just find that donations go up and that people are happier because of these three benefits and more.


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