Interesting Examples of How to Use Chatbots

While we thought applications would solve whatever problem we faced, we are now in the new era of chatbots. Life is made easier on the side of the consumer using chatbots. There is nothing to wait on with the use of chatbots. There are no long waits with chatbots for those who want to complete a purchase on a company website. Millions of people enjoy the use of chatbots. They use them to get recommendations, to contact retailers, to complete the purchase, and much more. Chatbots are increasingly being adopted because their benefits have been discovered. This is good news for businesses and enterprises. To learn more about how to add chatbots to your site, click here: Read on to discover what’s already being done with chatbots.

1. Order Pizza

It is very easy to order a pizza using a chatbot. You can tweet, text, or voice using chatbots to do this. Some pizza inns have adopted the use of chatbots to give their clients flexibility when ordering the pizza. You can use Facebook Messenger to track your order through the whole process of delivery. It also allows you to re-order when necessary. Pizza inns, as well as their clients, could make good use of the Chabots for flexibility in business and order respectively.

2. Product Suggestions

Many customers know the time when they need to purchase shoes. However, they may not be having a particular item at the back of their minds. Chatbots can use product suggestions based on the style, color, brand, and much more. It is not all about shoes. The word shoes can replace any item. It could be groceries, clothes, a book, flowers, or a movie. This means any product in your preference. You can talk to the chatbot and tell it about the clothing you have to match you with the best outfit.

3. Customer Support

During this past year, many enterprises and companies commenced the use of chatbots on twitter as well as other social media platforms for customer service. The main goal as to why they adopted the use of chatbots in social media was to quickly offer solutions and answers to address consumer complaints or track the order status.

4. Weather

There is a wide range of chatbots that inform you about the weather. While they can be specific and basic, others are designed to be full of fun. You can use it to ask them about your condition in your area of locality to so that you can decide to go with your umbrella or not. Others help you set reminders for specific days when the weather is not favorable.

5. Personal Finance Assistance

With the use of chatbots, it is easier to trade, track your finances, get notifications about the trends in the stock market, or get help finding a mortgage. You can check your account using chatbots as offered by banks such as the recent transactions as well as the current balance.

These are just a few examples of how companies and enterprises use chatbots to enhance business. There are limitless possibilities for what to do with bots. Therefore, never miss this opportunity to sell, engage, and help your clients.


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